A Word to the Masses

Tell me. What were you marching for? What reasons united you in this frivolous display of femininity? What were you expecting to achieve by your actions?

I cannot say I am proud of the female sex after yesterday’s embarrassing display of… what, exactly? I am still puzzled as to the reasons behind the march. Because another man was elected our president? Is that the real reason? You’ve achieved the right to vote, the right to equality with men, the ability to work with and even above men in some cases. You have every right a man has and in some cases more rights than a man, yet you fell short at the voting polls in achieving the right to rule a nation by the hands of your first lady president. If that’s the issue, you should have used your voices to elect her as president to begin with and not let that opportunity slip through the cracks.

We live in a democratic nation, which gives each and every one of us the opportunity to vote for the leader of our country. Not be submitted to the rule of a familial hierarchy or fall under whoever shed the most blood to get to the throne of higher power. We are blessed to be in such a nation, but it seems we’ve been given too many freedoms to be a rational people anymore. The liberal freedoms our founding fathers fought so hard to achieve and our friends and family in the armed forces have fought so hard to defend have made us a spoiled rotten child of a nation. Everyone has become self-entitled and feels the world should cater to them. We’ve become obese off of our first-world problems and throw a tantrum when things aren’t done our way. Especially when those things aren’t done in the split second after we ask for them. We have become a sorry mess of a nation, and it saddens me to think of the world my children will grow up in. Not because someone was elected president over someone else, but because of the way the people of this nation have chosen to live and carry on with their lives.

We are no longer a nation united under one cause. We are no longer a nation that can stand indivisible. We are no longer a nation that cares about liberty and justice for all. We are a nation divided against itself, looking for the almighty “ME” in everything we do or say. And any nation  that looks to the individual rights of every person will quickly become so disheveled and torn apart, it will no longer have any foundations on which to stand. And any enemies we have created in this world will make quick work of destroying what little things we have left to hold onto. In the words of one of our greatest presidents, who took the words from the very God whose principles and morals and Word were the very foundation of this nation, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” We are in a dangerous place, America, and unless we start waking up to our troubles soon, we may end up in a place far worse than we can ever imagine with no way to get back to where we were.

A place where you no longer have the freedom to speak about what you want. No longer have the freedom to work where you want. No longer have the right to vote for the leader of your country, or anything pertaining to your country, city, or state. Things may not have gone your way in the election, but just remember how blessed you are to be able to have the choices and freedoms we have in this nation.

Don’t take your freedoms and liberties for granted. And don’t abuse your access to those freedoms. We have no rights. All of us were simply born luckier than others. And those who weren’t born here work hard to get here and stay here. These “rights” are things that have been given to us by the leaders of our nation as our nation has grown over the 2 centuries we have been around. Such precious gifts, I would not be so hasty to destroy.



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