Transplanted Dreams Part 1

Those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I started blogging a few months ago to tell the story of a theatre company some friends and I were in process of starting in Kansas City. Though the story has taken unexpected turns, one of the biggest being me moving back to Colorado, God continues to write an incredible story with the dream He gave long ago.

I believe I mentioned it in my earlier blogs, but I have had a dream to start a theatre company for as long as I can remember. It has definitely been a dream I feel God implanted in my heart at a young age and a dream that He has continued to shape and craft into a story that would only be believable because of Him. Over the course of this past year, that dream began to take on a realistic form and was moving forward into fruition until recently when it became unexpectedly uprooted.

4 months ago, my life was turned upside down. In fact, it felt very much like I had been thrown into the midst of a tidal wave with no floaties and no life vest. I was faced with the unexpected decision of finding a new job, figuring out where to look for work, and even what state to live in. Many possibilities came up and it was confusing figuring out which direction God was trying to point me to. Internship in Minnesota, try to make it in New York, audition to be Disney princess in Florida, move to Oregon(dream place to live!), stay in Kansas City, move back to Denver. Like I said, many possibilities were discussed and prayed through. But, after much research and prayer, God seemed to open the door just a bit wider for Colorado when I was offered an interview for a stage management internship for the Denver Center for Performing Arts, one of the biggest theatre companies in Colorado. Things started moving forward for me to move back to Denver (I will spare you the hairy details of the whole process) and within a month I was back in my hometown looking to a bright future ahead of me! Or so it seemed….

(see Part 2)


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